Sprinkler System Repair & Maintenance in Grand Rapids and West MichiganWe repair broken sprinkler systems and perform regular maintenance to keep your system running in top shape!

Many things can happen that require you to call an irrigation system repair specialist, and we’re here to help! Even a few hot days without water can ruin your lawn, or a faulty, cheap fix can cost you more in the long run.

Our years of experience makes it easy to pinpoint problems and our quality equipment and components, coupled with properly trained staff, get the job done efficiently. We can even bring your old or outdated system back to life!

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The types of sprinkler repair problems we fix regularly, include:

Leaky Sprinkler Parts – Sprinkler heads, valves, pipes and connections can leak or get plugged over time. We can stop the leaks and unclog components quickly.

Broken or Damaged Sprinkler Heads – Their lifespan depends on good maintenance, we can fix the bad ones. Or if you have sprinklers run over by vehicles, snowplows, lawnmowers or are damaged from digging, we can fix them fast!

Water Coverage Issues – Brown spots in your lawn mean improper sprinkler coverage, we’ll adjust the heads and fix the problem so everything is green again.

Controller Problems – Lightening damage or power surges can cause timers to malfunction, we can fix or replace them. If some zones are working and others aren’t, it’s likely a timer issue.

Backflow Preventer Problems – Backflow preventers can stop working and cause various issues and even long-term damage. We’ll get in there and figure it out for you.

Landscaping or Construction Changes – If you’ve changed your landscaping or done some new construction, we can add-on to your system, change  the coverage or otherwise re-engineer your system accordingly.


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